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About Us

Gofoodle helps you digitize your workplace cafeteria using our innovative service models.

Order food from your workstation - Go 100% Digital! Aids in Queue management and collect genuine feedback from your employees.

Our other products such as Go-Pos the perfect App for any retailer - that helps in sales visibility all at a super reasonable price!



Go POS is a simple cloud-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works on the Android OS, and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time. ....... Know More

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Digital Canteen Services

Digitize your cafeteria with Gofoodle!

Is Managing Your Office Catering Too Much of a Puzzle?

Company Paid

Can you keep a easy track of food taken by your employees?

How do you ensure simple and easy reporting?

Queue Management

Is productivity and morale affected by time spent standing in queues during busy hours?


Do you have a reliable method to get structured feedback from your employees?

Can your employees have more say in what food they get at work?

Quality & Safety

Is there a large overhead to your team in ensuring food safety and quality

Let Gofoodle Help You put the pieces together…

Company Paid

Our simple Company Paid module allows you to keep an easy track of actual consumption

Easy backend app to change daily menus to keep your employees updated on the days menu

Queue Management

Order from your workstation and pick up when the food is ready

See what is available at which counter…no need to roam all over

See the Specials of the Day on your phone


Our customizable Feedback engine ensures that we can get the appropriate inputs designed for your requirement

Quality & Safety

Regular process and food audits to ensure quality & safety

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How Gofoodle Digi Canteen helps

Managed Service Models

Gofoodle Offers a complete Cafeteria Managed Service supported by In House Technology & Service Experience of over 100 Catering Partners

Single Counter Solutions

Caterers or Organisations can also use the Gofoodle Digi Canteen Technology Platform as a managed service

Mixed Model Solutions

Do you have just vendor who serves a full service meal to your employees? The Gofoodle Platform can also be configured to service this – whether it is company paid or Cash & Carry